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Helmet Laws for Bicyclists

We at Bicycles, Inc. care about your safety and encourage you to always wear a helmet when riding your bike.

Some cities require helmets while cycling in public areas.

Arlington all children under 18 must wear an approved bicycle helmet when operating a bicycle or riding as a passenger on a bicycle.

Bedford's Helmet Law states that all children fifteen (15) years of age and under are required to wear approved helmets when operating or riding a bicycle or any side car, trailer carrier, seat or other device attached to a bicycle upon a public street or sidewalk.

Fort Worth has a law that requires all children under the age of 18 to wear a protective helmet when riding their bikes on public streets or park property.

Dallas adopted a bicycle helmet law that requires every bicyclist regardless of age to wear a helmet.

Southlake city ordinance requires children age 14 and under to wear a helmet while cycling.

Here are some of the helmets we carry.

About Your Helmet (Fitting and Facts)